About me
I'm Tapersteve a student who has over 2 years experience using Photoshop, Flash and Illustrator.
 Favorite program
Photoshop Cs3
 Why do i do it?
I work for free at the moment to build up my CV so you guys please take advantage. i do have a life so
 please be considerate with your time constraints.
 What can i do?
i can create for you logos, banners, signatures and any other things you may want for free, thats right free.
 How long do i take?
depending on the project from 2 to 4 hours but this may be spread out over a day or two.

 Where can i see some of the work you have done?
on the portfolio page of my website or send me an email message and i will send a few of my pieces.
 How do i contact you?
you can contact me using:

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